Private German Lessons in London

Private German Lessons at Sprachraum 

Private German lessons are ideal for you, if you wish to learn at your own pace,
at a time and a place that suits you. Classes can be taken individually,
with a friend or in your own private group.

A little bit about our approach…


At Sprachraum we start from the premise that everyone is able to learn successfully given the right tools and support. We strive to create a stimulating and encouraging environment in which you learn the German language effectively and have fun in the process. We promote autonomous learning where you are encouraged to take initiative in your own learning and to review your own progress through a range of oral, written and comprehension exercises. Our German lessons aim not only to equip you with practical German language skills, but also to introduce you to the world of possibilities that learning German brings.





Teaching emphasis of our German tuition is on a balance of solid understanding of grammar and syntax together with acquisition of vocabulary. Grammar is the backbone of a language and mastering it is crucial in order to use the language correctly. It also helps to shed light on the inner workings of the language. However grammar can easily become redundant, without words to apply it to. Hence vocabulary exercises focus initially on subjects that are of relevance to you.


Why learn German with us?

Goal-oriented & practice-based approach

We endeavour to bridge the gap between theory and practice, hence we incorporate lots of speaking practice to train your oral production skills. 


Personalised learning plan

Every student has different goals, needs and interests. We take these into consideration when meticulously designing your learning plan so that you learn effectively.


Experienced & knowledgeable German tutors

We are a team of passionate linguists with excellent academic backgrounds. We know what it takes to learn and teach a language successfully. 



We teach Monday to Sunday, from 07:30 to 22:00. Learn German at your chosen location or in our classroom in the City, a stone's throw away from Bank, Monument, Cannon Street and Mansion House station. It is also possible to combine face to face with online lessons.

Choose your German lessons

German Tuition

Suitable for learners of all levels

Regular German classes at your chosen time and location.

Intensive German Tuition

Suitable for learners of all levels

This option is ideal if you with to reach a certain point in a short timeframe.

German for Business

Suitable for learners with knowledge of at least upper beginner (A1+) level

Would you like to enhance your business communication skills in German? We also offer corporate German language training at your premises.

German Exam Preparation

Such as, but not limited to, Goethe Institut certificates, TELC, TestDAF, A-Levels, GCSE and university exams

Our German exam preparation tutorials are devoted to consolidating techniques and strategies to ensure exam success.

German Conversation Classes

Suitable for students at upper beginner (A1+) to advanced level (C1+)

Our German conversation classes are designed specifically to improve your oral fluency and widen your vocabulary range.

Hear what our happy clients have to say

“Sprachraum provides a versatile and flexible German language service that can support German learners of every level and calibre “to accomplish their desired objectives. In contrast to many other tuition providers, I have found Sprachraum to offer a learning syllabus that is tailored to the student both in relation to content, teaching venue and time. This flexibility is particularly helpful for those that may otherwise struggle to reconcile a busy working week with an evening language class or have found group tuition to be lacking.”


Philip Morrison

“When learning German with Natasha my ability to speak it was almost non-existent. Within a few weeks however we were having basic conversations in German, and I was able to read simple German texts, as well as understanding some of the language’s complex grammar. She is a conscientious teacher who structures the lessons well and listens to her clients, and is a pleasant person to spend time with. I highly recommend her and Sprachraum.”

Charlie English
Journalist & Author

“I had never taken one-on-one tutoring before I began my German lessons with Natasha. She not only drew me out of my comfort-zone of disappearing into a group lesson but also tailor-made the sessions to suit my exact needs. She is adept at evaluating learners’ abilities. I have seen myself understand concepts better and improve my lexis within just a few sessions. She is creative and innovative in her methods and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a better understanding of the German language.”


Tanvi Warty