Small Group German Classes in London | Beginner A1.2

Daytime, evening and weekend German classes in central London 
Beginner German part 2 – level A1.2 

Small group German classes for beginners with prior knowledge.
This course is suitable for those who have completed A1.1 course or studied German up to GCSE or A-Levels.

Cost £430

Textbook Berliner Platz 1

Course duration and group size

The classes take place every week for 90 minutes. The course goes on for 8 weeks for groups of 2 learners; 9 weeks for groups of 3 and 10 weeks for groups of 4.

Course format

The course is largely structured around a textbook which provides a clear structure and allows us to track progression. The sessions are supplemented with worksheets, grammar exercises and other learning materials of various formats.

We incorporate plenty of listening and speaking exercises in class, to give you an opportunity to put the theory you learn into practice.

Your weekly homework consist of repetition, reinforcement and consolidation of material covered in class.

Start dates

Please check back for future openings. Alternatively, get in touch to be added to our waitlist.

It is possible to join the group once the course has started (subject to availability) after a few catch up sessions with your German tutor to get you up to speed. Please contact us for more info.

Course content

You will learn the basics of German grammar and their application in real-life communications, such as:

  • German case system — the nominative, accusative and dative
  • Local prepositions in dative — navigating your way around town, asking and giving directions
  • Planning a day trip, talking about public transport
  • Modal verb mögen (to like) — talking about likes and dislikes
  • Talking about family
  • Possessive articles in nominative and accusative
  • Personal pronouns in nominative and accusative
  • Making arrangements in person and on the phone; writing and responding to simple text messages
  • Introduction to the simple past tense (das Imperfekt) e.g. I had a car and I was sick
  • Expressing wishes and possibilities using modal verbs können (can), wollen (to want to)
  • Regular and irregular verbs
  • Talking about education
  • Dialogues: in a restaurant, talking about weekend, working life, education








Hear what our happy
 have to say

"I am currently taking Sprachraum’s A1.3 class, having completed the A1.1 and A1.2 classes. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking these classes and feel much more confident with German. Natasha’s engaging teaching style and enthusiasm for the German language have made learning German extremely fun. In particular, I have enjoyed her approach to teaching the rules of German grammar, something which I was always slightly afraid of. Learning the mechanics of the language and then building on this with writing, speaking, reading and listening exercises has really instilled these rules in me. I look forward to continuing my German journey with Natasha and Sprachraum and would not hesitate to recommend Sprachraum to anyone wanting to learn German."


Harry L.

"I have just completed the A1.1 course, and I have to say it’s been a great experience. Natasha’s approach enabled me to learn a lot in a short period. The way she explained grammar was very easy to understand and retain the knowledge. She made learning a new language easier than I thought it would be. The content we covered will be very useful next time I will visit Germany. I can’t wait to practice what I've learnt so far with locals. She is a great teacher with a fantastic sense of humour.

I also enjoyed the small group class, which I think benefited me more than a bigger group would have. The small group meant Natasha had more time for each of us.

The office is also conveniently situated near Bank/Cannon Street/Monument stations which is helps as well. I am very excited to continue with the next part A1.2. and learn more."


Martina B.

"Natasha offers excellent classes with a great mix of speaking, listening, reading and writing! Students are encouraged to participate and mistakes are seen as part of the learning process which really helps in building confidence. The A1 and A2 modules provide structure whilst the energetic & positive nature of the lessons prevents it feeling like you're back at school! Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to learn or improve their German!"


Tom B.

"Natasha is an excellent tutor who creates a fun and engaging environment for her students. I have studied with her through both A1 courses and found a huge improvement in my understanding of both German language and culture. I am looking forward to continuing to learn with her."


Kirsty Williamson
Business Development Manager

"After taking both A1.1 and A1.2 group courses I can tell you that the classes are fun and approachable. Having a class this central made it simple to come after work. We will be back! (and not just for the biscuits!)"


Adon Buckley

"Having recently completed the A1.1 course I can easily say that Natasha's teaching and lessons have made learning German much easier than I had imagined. Small groups and relaxed environment makes learning much more focused on the needs of the group and I can not wait to start the next course in the coming week."


Reza S.
Law student

"I've recently completed level A1.1 course & I can say that Natasha's lessons and teaching has been a great help. Course content, structure is great & also Natasha makes it very fun and interesting to learn. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to start learning German."


Ciar P.