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German tuition and small group courses for private and corporate clients in London and online

Sprachraum offers an exciting and efficient approach to language learning.
We provide private and corporate German language training in London and online.
Our small group German classes are taught in our class room in central London and online.

Here at Sprachraum, it is more than just about learning a new language. It is about
optimising your language learning experience. You are encouraged to embrace, think, grasp and master the German language in a creative and engaging manner.


Learn German with Sprachraum London

Effective and exciting approach to language learning

We start from the premise that everyone is able to learn successfully given the right tools and support. Our approach is goal-oriented and practice-based. 

Positive learning environment

We strive to create a stimulating and encouraging environment in which you learn the German language effectively and have fun in the process.


Knowledgeable and experienced German tutors

German tutors at Sprachraum are native and native-level German speakers with outstanding academic backgrounds and plenty of teaching experience.


Flexibility to suit your schedule

Learn German in our centrally located classroom (close to Moorgate, Liverpool Street and Old Street station) or online. We teach from Monday to Sunday, from 07:30 to 22:00. Our group classes are available at lunchtime, in the evening or at the weekend.

Private German Lessons in London and online

Learn German at your own pace, at a time and location that suits you. You have the option to take classes individually, with a friend, colleague, partner or set up your own private group.

German Tuition


Whether you are new to the language or looking to enhance your German language skills, our personalised German tuition will help you progress quickly.

Intensive German Tuition


Learn, refresh or improve your German language skills at an even quicker rate with our intensive German tuition.

German Exam Tutorials


Get the help you need to prepare for German exams such as Goethe Institut certificates, ÖSD, TELC, TestDAF, A-Levels, GCSE and university exams.

German for Business


Relocating to a German-speaking country? Would you like to enhance your business communication skills in German? We can help.

Small Group German Classes in the City of London and Online

Small group German classes in our class room in central London and online. Learn German at lunchtime, after work, or at the weekend. A maximum of 6 participants per group to ensure rapid progress. Complimentary hot drink included in in-person classes.

Beginner German Part 1, Level A1.1 

£430 online
£500 in person
10 weekly 90-minute sessions 

Small group German course for absolute beginners. No prior knowledge or experience with the language required.

Beginner German Part 2, Level A1.2

£430 online
£500 in person
10 weekly 90-minute sessions 

Small group German classes for beginners with some prior knowledge of German or who have previously studied German up to GCSE level.


Beginner German Part 3, Level A1.3

£430 online
£500 in person
10 weekly 90-minute sessions 

Small group German classes for beginners with some prior knowledge of German or who have previously studied German up to GCSE level.


Elementary German Part 1, Level A2.1

£430 online
£500 in person
10 weekly 90-minute sessions 

Small group German classes aimed at those who have completed level A1, GCSE or A Level in German.


Elementary German Part 2, Level A2.2

£430 online
£500 in person
10 weekly 90-minute sessions 

Small group German classes for learners who have completed level A2.1 course or A Level in German.

Elementary German Part 3, Level A2.3

£430 online
£500 in person
10 weekly 90-minute sessions

Small group German classes for elementary learners wishing to progress to intermediate level.

Intermediate German Part 1, Level B1.1

£430 online
£500 in person
10 weekly 90-minute sessions 

Small group German classes for intermediate learners. This German course is suitable for those who have completed level A2 courses, previously studied German at university level or have lived in a German-speaking country. 


Corporate German Language Training in London and online

German language training for your business at your premises in London and online.

We will create programs to suit your needs and budget. For a detailed quote and a free consultation, please contact us.

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Hear what our happy clients
have to say

"I have just completed the A1.1 course, and I have to say it’s been a great experience. Natasha’s approach enabled me to learn a lot in a short period. The way she explained grammar was very easy to understand and retain the knowledge. She made learning a new language easier than I thought it would be. The content we covered will be very useful next time I will visit Germany. I can’t wait to practice what I've learnt so far with locals. She is a great teacher with a fantastic sense of humour.

I also enjoyed the small group class, which I think benefited me more than a bigger group would have. The small group meant Natasha had more time for each of us.

The office is also conveniently situated near Bank/ Cannon Street/Monument stations which is helps as well. I am very excited to continue with the next part A1.2. and learn more."


Martina B.

"I am currently taking Sprachraum’s A1.3 class, having completed the A1.1 and A1.2 classes. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking these classes and feel much more confident with German. Natasha’s engaging teaching style and enthusiasm for the German language have made learning German extremely fun. In particular, I have enjoyed her approach to teaching the rules of German grammar, something which I was always slightly afraid of. Learning the mechanics of the language and then building on this with writing, speaking, reading and listening exercises has really instilled these rules in me. I look forward to continuing my German journey with Natasha and Sprachraum and would not hesitate to recommend Sprachraum to anyone wanting to learn German."


Harry L.

"Natasha is totally great. I took an intensive series of online lessons with her, one-on-one, including some three/four-hour days. She made these highly effective and valuable. She was particularly good at structuring and pacing the lessons to help me get maximum benefit from every hour of teaching, and to keep driving me on. I can't imagine a teacher doing a better job of maintaining focus, clarity, and energy (on both sides of the table) throughout even the longest online sessions - whilst somehow keeping it all fun. Serious teaching talent!"



"I have been taking 1-1 lessons in everyday German language, with Simon, for some time now. I originally learned some German informally before starting these lessons, so I thought that it might be difficult for Simon to pinpoint which stage I was at with my learning, and what topics to focus on. But he has been amazing at ensuring that I always feel as though I am learning, and is great at assessing my strengths and weaknesses. We have been using great and well priced materials, which has ticked the box of being affordable for me.

Sprachraum really provides a great service to all learners of all levels! Each lesson leaves me feeling much more confident about my ability to communicate in German!"


Aaron Agboola

"Sprachraum provides a versatile and flexible German language service that can support German learners of every level and calibre to accomplish their desired objectives. In contrast to many other tuition providers, I have found Sprachraum to offer a learning syllabus that is tailored to the student both in relation to content, teaching venue and time. This flexibility is particularly helpful for those that may otherwise struggle to reconcile a busy working week with an evening language class or have found group tuition to be lacking."


Philip Morrison

"Natasha combines expertise, rigour and humour to help me get the most out of our classes. The lessons are always engaging and I feel they are tailored to me. The timing is flexible, which fits well with my other commitments. I am gaining the skills and confidence to talk with my German colleagues and clients in their own language. I'm progressing more quickly than I'd ever expected and I'm having a lot of fun along the way. I always look forward to my next lesson, and strongly recommend Natasha and Sprachraum."


Angus Millar

"Highly recommended German tuition. I did try to learn German in the past without success. I met Natasha being on A1 level and within few months I climbed up to B1-B2. The course is always very well structured and includes reading, writing, listening and speaking. Within few months I am able to read German literature, watch German TV and hold a conversation in German. One to one tuition definitely satisfies better my personal needs and can also be flexible allowing me to keep up with my busy work schedule. If you consider learning German, Sprachraum is your best choice!"


Eva G.

"Vielen Dank, Natasha! The tutorials were tailored to my specific situation, whereas I studied German for 5 years in school over 20 years ago and I needed help to tap into my memory to find the words and again find the feeling for the language. I really appreciate having a tutor who showed complete understanding and patience for my crazy work situation where there was no time nor energy to do homework and I was literally running down the road for my lessons. Tschüss! Auf Wiedersehen!"


Maria L.

"I wanted to learn as much German as possible before I had to leave London, and I was so glad I went to Sprachraum! I had 1-1 lessons with Natasha who is a great teacher. Her teaching method helped me develop a strong foundation in grammar and her classes are always engaging and fun. I was pleasantly surprised that I progressed much quicker than I expected. If anyone is looking to learn German in London, I highly recommend Natasha and Sprachraum!

Her office is very convenient as it's just a minute's walk from Bank Station. I greatly enjoy her lessons and can't wait to come back! She also has biscuits to help if your brain needs a rest from absorbing all the grammar information!"


Jo Lee

"I'm so glad I found Sprachraum, Natasha is a brilliant teacher and was able to structure my lessons to fit exactly what I wanted to achieve and the time frame I had, meaning I was able to pass my A1 exam within 5 weeks. My lessons were really enjoyable and I always left with a clear idea of what I should practise before the next lesson. The central London location was also really helpful."


Genevieve O'Driscoll