Small Group German Classes in London | Elementary A2.1

Daytime, evening and weekend German classes in the City of London 
Elementary German part 1 – level A2.1 

Small group German classes (2-5 participants) for elementary learners.
This German course is aimed at those who have completed level A1, GCSE or A level in German.

Cost £399

Textbook Berliner Platz 2

Course duration

  • 10 weeks, 90 minutes per session (evening & weekend)
  • 15 weeks, 60 minutes per session (morning & lunchtime)

Course format

The course is largely structured around a textbook which provides a clear structure and allows us to track progression. The sessions are supplemented with worksheets, grammar exercises and other learning materials of various formats.

We incorporate plenty of listening and speaking exercises in class, to give you an opportunity to put the theory you learn into practice.

Your weekly homework consist of repetition, reinforcement and consolidation of material covered in class.



Start dates
Choose from one of the following slots:

Saturday 23 November 2019 at 12:00-13:30

Thursday 9 January 2020 at 17:55-19:25

It is possible to join the group once the course has started (subject to availability) after a few catch up sessions with your German tutor to get you up to speed.

Course content

You will learn aspects of German grammar and their application in real-life communications, such as:

  • Refresher on the German case system and its functions (nominative, accusative, dative, genitive)
  • Adjectives — describing things and making comparisons (intensifiers with comparatives and superlatives)
  • Talking about family and friends
  • Talking about celebrations, customs; making and responding to invitations
  • Going shopping; describing what one likes or does not like to wear
  • Giving and asking advice
  • Talking about society and country in which one’s lived, living abroad
  • Talking about education, school system
  • Modal verbs e.g. müssen (must), sollen (should) in the simple past tense
  • Local prepositions — describing one’s home and immediate surrounding
  • Word order rules; sentence structures and subordinating conjunctions e.g. weilwenn and dass
  • The conjunction weil (because)  — to express opinion, observation and substantiate an argument
  • The conjunction wenn (if) — conditional sentences, talking about possibility, things that are not certain, repeated actions
  • Reading comprehension — simple statistics, ads



Hear what our happy clients have to say

“After taking both A1.1 and A1.2 group courses I can tell you that the classes are fun and approachable. Having a class this central made it simple to come after work. We will be back! (and not just for the biscuits!)”


Adon Buckley
“Natasha is an excellent tutor who creates a fun and engaging environment for her students. I have studied with her through both A1 courses and found a huge improvement in my understanding of both German language and culture. I am looking forward to continuing to learn with her.”


Kirsty Williamson
Business Development Manager
“Excellent teacher and fully interactive sessions. I made a lot more progress than I had originally envisaged!”


Tom P.