German Conversation Classes in London

German Conversation Classes at Sprachraum 

Suitable for students at upper beginner (A1+) to advanced level (C1+)

Our German conversation classes are designed specifically to improve your oral fluency and widen your vocabulary range. As we know that one of the keys to success in language learning is relevance, subjects will generally revolve around your areas of interests. However lessons may also cover more general topics ranging from current affairs to food, history or music in order to expose you to new words and grammar concepts. You will be given learning materials and tools of various formats to ensure that your learning process is stimulating and immersive throughout.

A typical lesson for intermediate/advanced students consists in discussing a chosen material. This could include newspaper articles, news reports, podcasts, short stories, novels, German-speaking TV shows or films. Students could choose to do this independently outside of the lesson or together in class. During the lesson, your German tutor will create written mind-maps to record new vocabulary including standard phrases, synonyms, idioms and certain grammar rules relating to the topic discussed. Students will be able to take this away and go through them in their own time in order to process and internalise this new information.

If you are at a beginner level and wish to develop your speaking skills as well as confidence, it is possible to create a personalised program to suit your ability. Using short stories and audio books, we will primarily talk about daily life, work, routine and your immediate surrounding.


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Hear what our happy clients have to say

“Sprachraum provides a versatile and flexible German language service that can support German learners of every level and calibre “to accomplish their desired objectives. In contrast to many other tuition providers, I have found Sprachraum to offer a learning syllabus that is tailored to the student both in relation to content, teaching venue and time. This flexibility is particularly helpful for those that may otherwise struggle to reconcile a busy working week with an evening language class or have found group tuition to be lacking.”


Philip Morrison

Natasha combines expertise, rigour and humour to help me get the most out of our classes. The lessons are always engaging and I feel they are tailored to me. The timing is flexible, which fits well with my other commitments. I am gaining the skills and confidence to talk with my German colleagues and clients in their own language. I’m progressing more quickly than I’d ever expected and I’m having a lot of fun along the way. I always look forward to my next lesson, and strongly recommend Natasha and Sprachraum.

Angus Millar

I’m so glad I found Sprachraum, Natasha is a brilliant teacher and was able to structure my lessons to fit exactly what I wanted to achieve and the time frame I had, meaning I was able to pass my A1 exam within 5 weeks. My lessons were really enjoyable and I always left with a clear idea of what I should practise before the next lesson. The central London location was also really helpful. Vielen Dank Natasha!

Genevieve O’Driscoll

If you want to improve your German speaking fast while securing a solid grammar base, Natasha is the right person to reach out to. Without noticing you will find yourself more and more confident when it comes to speaking and soon you will start being able to hold conversations. I find the progress is very quick with the methods she employs and it is very rewarding to see how the different aspects of the language fall more and more into place after each lesson. Moreover she is super nice and knows how to make classes fun.

Ricardo G C

“When learning German with Natasha my ability to speak it was almost non-existent. Within a few weeks however we were having basic conversations in German, and I was able to read simple German texts, as well as understanding some of the language’s complex grammar. She is a conscientious teacher who structures the lessons well and listens to her clients, and is a pleasant person to spend time with. I highly recommend her and Sprachraum.”

Charlie English
Journalist & Author

“I had never taken one-on-one tutoring before I began my German lessons with Natasha. She not only drew me out of my comfort-zone of disappearing into a group lesson but also tailor-made the sessions to suit my exact needs. She is adept at evaluating learners’ abilities. I have seen myself understand concepts better and improve my lexis within just a few sessions. She is creative and innovative in her methods and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a better understanding of the German language.”


Tanvi Warty